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Great value drum sticks are hard to come by, but you can get amazing playing time out of Lindo drum sticks.  There are many drum stick sellers out there now, so try these sticks for versatility, economics, and the freedom to know that playing your style of music is not going to send you bankrupt.  From Kasem, West London Drum Tutor, Drum grades and tuition in Harrow, London

Tornado by Mapex 22″ Rock Kit, Black

Mapex Drum Kits are made with a level of exceptional touch and if you compare cost to performance, Mapex wins every time.  They come in a variety of sizes, woods such as birch, maple and walnut, and finishes (natural or colours with sparkles).  I have used the Mapex Saturn series in the studio and on tour.  I recommend these kits for every drummer and challenge them to find better value at a professional and beginner level.  From West London Drum Tutor, drum kit classes in Harrow, London.


Vic Firth Drum Sticks                                              

Vic Firth 5A American Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks 

There are three main drum stick manufacturers, but Vic Firth sticks are made with the best materials and are matched and made with the same weight, length and straightness.  The importance of this can not be overlooked as when you play subtle and quiet, the quality of the sticks will malign your technique.  There are many varieties and you will find sticks of all sizes, and for all contexts.  From West London Drum Tutor, Drum Teacher in Harrow, London

Evans Drum Heads

Evans Drum Heads Evans BD22EMAD EMAD 22-inch Bass Drum Head have been selling quality professional level drum kit products for many years.  I particularly love and use their bass drum heads which help produce a full, compact and tasteful bass drum note.  There are many varieties and sizes to choose.  I From West London Drum Tutor, drum lessons in Harrow, London www.westlondon-drumtutor.com


 Yamaha Drum Kits                                                                        Yamaha drums are mid to upper range level drum kits that make their drums from many different materials and woods.  I have a Yamaha custom maple drum kit.  It is warm, powerful, wonderfully subtle. From West London Drum Tutor, drum lessons in Harrow, London

 Pro Mark H-RODS Hot Rods Birch Dowel Drumsticks

In Oasis’s Wonderwall, the drummer used a drum stick called Rods.  They are made of about twelve bunched up sticks bound in a couple of plastic rings.  Rods have a delicate effect and produce a softer more subtle drum sound.  You do not get the same rebound as from regular sticks, but you can get a balanced nuanced drum sound.  I recommend playing with a variety of sticks to gain an overall development of feel, dynamics and hand stick coordination. From Kasem, West London Drum Tutor, Drum teaching in Harrow, London.


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